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Celebrating over 50 years
of Award Winning Nationwide Telephone Answering Services
  Veteran Owned and Operated  
Relay can provide customized packages for all sized businesses and/or personal use

If your office has limited staff and you need your calls answered, our services can help to
offer a solution to your communication needs during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Our 'State-of-the-Art' computers and programmable software help to provide
Inbound and Outbound Call Handling with our easy pay plans.

Suffolk County  |  Nassau County  |  Manhattan  |  Tri-State area  |  ....and the United States

Our Professional Answering Services

Relay prides itself on its fast, effective operations by keeping abreast of the latest technology.
24-hour service is provided for round-the-clock coverage and performed by an experienced and qualified support team. Should you have a specific requirement that needs special attention, Relay
Communications Center is the answer. We maintain a steady flow of business with our existing
customers. We can easily adapt new and different strategies for custom orders, because we
want to ensure the best methods are being implemented.

• Relay provides prompt and courteous service with specially trained personnel when acting 
  as your call receptionist and respondent. 

• Relay keeps your costs at a minimum by using stat-of-the-art computers. 

• Relay is a Professional Call Center offering the same advantages as much larger 
  companies at affordable rates and providing a variety of professional services with 

  individual attention to each order. 

• Relay answers ALL of your calls professionally and processes ALL of your orders promptly.

For more information about our professional answering services, please contact us today. We offer our answering services to clients nationwide. We have years of experience as a trusted call center and look forward to working with you.

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If your company exceeds 1000 calls per month, we offer 'High Volume'
and 'Fixed Rate' options.
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